X-Men new comic edition will be based on Karakoa and Arakko Island

The X-Men series triggers everyone’s minds to become superhuman or may start thinking about this whole scientific concept of mutation.


The famous Comic world of X-Men will rise again after the news of releasing a new comic on a mutant island name Krakoa. The X-Men series triggers everyone’s minds to become superhuman or may start thinking about this whole scientific concept of mutation. The fictional science facts that Stanley introduce to all of us is so real and believable that almost everybody went out in an imaginary world to locate Mutants.

The Krakoa island will be a new included topic in the upcoming comic issue as the story was unfolding back when Cyclops guided and sent the fellow X-Men team to a mysterious island known as Akko. In the edition, they will showcase a spin-off to the Arakko island by showing another mysterious island involved in the joining of both the island.

Maybe most of the readers of the Marvels are entirely unaware of these two islands, but Arakko is a familiar name. The conflict will arise on KraKoa as Cyclops’ fellow mutants are stuck in between two mysterious islands. The legendary mutants, including the Cyclops, Professor X, Storm, Nightcrawler, and Wolverine, will appear in the rescue mission.

All these recent years, KraKoa was not present neither in any films nor in any comic issue. Maybe the reason behind this is the fact they extracted Cyclops from the story and without Cyclops the whole concept of Krakoa was not possible. The Krakoa is said to be a powerful mutant ; however, the student of Professor Xavier’s with psychic ability assures the new Krakoa island wants to befriend them.

Professor Charles Xaviers officially declared the KraKoa island as the new home for the mutants. The professor fixed all the problems that enable the KraKoa cruelty and devilish intent with the help of fellow mutant communicator Cypher. They both controlled the Krakoa brain and rebuilt all the ecosystem of the island. The Krakoa flower also emerges excellent power that will be used in the series to help the drug addicts.

The story behind the two islands will later be revealed in the series as the parental island of both the islands is Okkara. The immortal mutant Apocalypse hides the Arakko into some other time dimension, which was the main reason behind X-Men getting stuck on the island. There are some monsters also that came from the different dimensions of time, such as “DUR the Undying” and “Uhr’OGGloth. There are several more things included in the upcoming comic edition, which will be revealed after its release. Till then, we all need to wait and imagine what more it can be.

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