How to Repair Error Code 0xc00000f in Windows 10?

Error Code 0xc00000f usually occurs when your PC boot configuration data for containing errors or missing files.


Afterward, you will see a message on your screen telling that your system needs to be repaired. Three common reasons can cause such a problem in your system. Those are:

BCD is missing or corrupt: It is a database of Windows system configuration. Commonly, the Error Code 0xc00000f occurs when BOOTMGR is unable to locate BCD files. For some reason, BCD files may get corrupted or lost due to disk-write, a virus attack or power outage.

The system file is damaged: Corrupted system files on your computer can cause the Error Code 0xc00000f. The error can occur as the update process is stuck, shutting down the system forcefully or suddenly power supply surges.

Hard disk data cable failure: As we know, computer components can be damaged, which can create problems during the boot process. So, you should replace it since using data cable for extended periods can develop tons of hassles in the system.

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Here are some possible solutions that will help you out from this problematic situation conveniently.

Solutions to Repair Error Code 0xc00000f in Windows 10

Either of the following methods may fix your problem. So follow each one cautiously. Try every way to get your system back in the normal state.

Solution 1: Eject devices or USB connection to the system

In normal cases, USB inserted the port of your system or laptops may be a reason behind it. So, try to remove USB, cables, or any other removable device and restart your PC.

Solution 2: Repair your PC

  • Insert a bootable pen drive or USB into the port.
  • Reboot your system and press the F2 key.
  • Set the bootable drive name accordingly in the row of the first boot device.
  • Hit the F10 key to save the changes.
  • Restart the PC to start installation and repair to fix error code 0xc00000f in windows 10.

Solution 3: Rebuild Boot Configuration Data

  • The window offers bootrec.exe to rebuild boot configuration data.
  • For that, again, insert any bootable drive into the port.
  • Choose the keyboard, language, currency, and then click on the Next.
  • Now, you are in a recovery environment; so, select Command Prompt.
  • In doing so, you will see a black panel on your screen.
  • Type bootrec.exe and hit Enter button. It will bring back your PC into the normal state.

Solution 4: Fabricate an EFI Partition

  • Go to the Start Menu search bar and type Command Prompt to open it.
  • Now type following commands: Diskpart, list disk, select disk 0, list partition, select partition, and hit the Enter button.
  • Note, make sure that the selected partition contains more than 200 MB of free space. Otherwise, it will create problems while making the EFI partition.
  • Now type shrink desired=200 minimum =200 in the CMD and press Enter.
  • Afterward, write following commands: create partition EFI, list partition, partition 2, format fs=fat32
  • Now, you need to write list vol, select vol 3, and press enter.
  • Tap on Assign to confirm it.’
  • Finally, reboot your system and check.

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