With Microsoft Outlook Support clean or reset parts of outlook

Are you facing problem while resetting your outlook? Haven’t you already tried reinstalling in order to reset outlook?

re you facing problem while resetting your outlook? Haven’t you already tried reinstalling in order to reset outlook? Well, reinstalling indeed won’t reset your configuration settings nor it will delete any of your email. However, you can dial Outlook Support Phone Number and take assistance from ingenious professionals to clean or reset parts of outlook. 



To start with an empty outlook like at what time you configured it for the very first time, you will have to recreate your mail profile. Furthermore, there are several files that you can rename or various command line switches that you can easily use to reset some specific parts of outlook.

Recreate the mail profile

  • Your mail profile normally contains your mail account configuration settings and for which PST files are opened in outlook.
  • In order to reset your outlook mail profile, open control panel from the start menu and double click on the mail applet.
  • Click on the Show Profile button to add or delete mail profiles.

For more information about this, you can contact Microsoft Outlook Support team professionals and take proper guidance from them. 


Steps to reset configuration files and Registry keys

Apart from the mail profile, Outlook also saves numerous settings in configuration files and registry keys. Many of these are not even the part of your mail profile and thus you can easily maintain these settings. Moreover, managing configuration files and registry keys will help you to reset or clean outlook parts easily.

Look at the method to reset outlook via command line switches

If you are trying to reset outlook for solving an issue and recreating your outlook mail profile is usually overkill or will not even help at all then there are several other methods you can try. There are numerous command line switches for outlook to reset various that are stored within your mailbox. By managing these command lines you can easily reset outlook.

Well, cleaning outlook is not so difficult at all. Hopefully, after trying these mentioned measures, you will be able to reset or clean parts of outlook. However, if you need some additional support to do the same, then you can take aid from the experts of Outlook Support team associates. They will provide you the easiest way to resolve your entire issues and also guide you towards the steps to clean or reset your outlook.

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