How to Troubleshoot iTunes When It Doesn’t Open on Mac?

Clicked on the iTunes icon a thousand times, but it is not opening at all? If that’s the case, then you have landed on the right place.


The issue is not very strange, and you are not alone who is facing this issue. Many other users around the globe have reported the same problem.

This error can hella frustrating when you want to do some essential work with iTunes.

Source:- How to Troubleshoot iTunes When It Doesn’t Open on Mac?

This article is specially created for those who can’t open iTunes on their Mac. So what’s the wait? Let’s dive in.

  • Before we start, Make sure to connect the Apple device such as an iPhone or iPad to your computer firmly.
  • Check the firewall restrictions because, in some cases, the antivirus firewall preventing iTunes from accessing the internet, which was actually causing the error. To do so, launch the security program that you are using and then navigate to the firewall options. Once you are there, see the list of blocked programs. Find the iTunes in the list and then allow iTunes to access all the resources on your device. For example, enable the internet and other resources of your device in the firewall.
  • Make a fresh library file for the iTunes application. A corrupted iTunes library file can cause it to crash or even unable to run. This generally happens because of an infected program and virus. Make the iTunes application a trusted software in the firewall of your antivirus program unless you can’t use iTunes on your Mac.
  • If that doesn’t work, then try to uninstall the full iTunes application from your device. Also, delete the remaining files from the system drive. Corrupted app files can also contribute to the issue, so also remove them from your device.
  • If the app is still acting up, then update the OS version of your Mac. For example, if your device is running on macOS Mojave or older, then update it to the most recent version according to the compatibility of your device.
  • Restart your PC and then check if the application is running or not.
  • If the problem is still not resolved, then double click on the iTunes app. Now, if the app is not launched, then head to the Force Quit menu and navigate to the background processes or apps. Now look for the iTunes app in the app or processes section. If iTunes is listed there, then end its process entirely.
  • Now rerun the app to see if the problem was solved.

That is how to troubleshoot the iTunes app on Mac when it’s not working or opening.

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