How to Convert JPG to PDF

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Converting any type of images into PDF is very easy.

You may transform your JPG image to PDF on any of your devices whether you have a smartphone or a computer system.

Here is how you can transform your images into PDF format by applying these simple steps given below:

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Converting images on Windows

  • Click the Window icon located at the lower-left edge of the home screen of your computer. Then a start menu will appear on your screen. In case you have the image saved on your desktop, and you wish to convert it into PDF mode, you have to right-click the picture and go to photos option in order to expand it under your “Photos” app. Here you may skip the print option.
  • Now search your photos app by entering “photos” in the stipulated search bar.
  • Tap on the “Photos” tab situated on the upper portion of your start menu.
  • Click on the picture that you wish to transform into PDF format. In case you wish to convert multiple images, you have to hit on the “Select” option situated at the top-right part of your window. Then select multiple photos that you desire to convert.
  • Now tap on the “Print” symbol located at the top-right portion of the screen. Then a prompt with print options will appear. Alternatively, you may also tap “CTRL + P” keys to launch it.
  • Here click on the “Microsoft Print to PDF” option from the pull-down list under the printer.
  • Now hit the “Print” button located at the lower part of the menu options. Hitting on this button will enable you to save the file in a new window.
  • At the lower part of the window, a file name bar will appear on the opened window. You have to type a file name of your choice in it.
  • Now you will be provided some options to select your PDF saving location from the list available at the left-hand side.
  • Hit on the “Save” option to save your file. It is situated at the lower right edge of your screen.

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Converting Images on Mac 

  • Launch the Mac Dock and tap on the “Preview” app symbol which will show a magnifying bar at the upper part of your Mac Window.
  • In case you can’t find Preview in your dock, search for it through the magnifying glass bar. Type “Preview” in that bar to enable it to search for the Preview.
  • Choose your desired picture or pictures which you wish to convert from the folder you have stored your image under the file selection window.
  • You may select multiple images by pressing the command key and then choose your pictures one by one.
  • Now press the “Open” button located at the bottom-right edge of your screen. It will open your selected image in Preview.
  • Then hit on the file option on the top-left side of the Mac window. When you tap on it, a pull-down menu will appear. In case you wish to arrange your picture according to your choice, you can do it by dragging them.
  • Press on the “Print” button located at the lowermost portion of the pull-down menu of the file.
  • In case you wish to modify any of the print settings, you can do it by hitting the “Show Details” tab, then preferred settings and select your choice. It is situated at the lowermost portion of your window.
  • Now tap on the “PDF” tab. Then a pull-down list will show on your screen. It is also located at the lower-left edge of your screen.
  • Hit on the “Save as PDF” option from the pull-down list. It will launch a new window to save your desired image in PDF format.
  • Type the file name that you wish.
  • Choose a file location to save your PDF file. You may select any of the folders from the left panel.
  • Hit on the “Save” button located at the lower- right edge of your window. It enables your file to be saved as a PDF.


Converting Images on iPhone

  • Tap the Photos app to open. It is in the form of the pinwheel and resembles different colors.
  • Then hit the “Albums” situated at the lower right edge of the screen. Then select your desired images from a group of images. You may select one or more images by tapping the select option located at the upper-right edge of your photos window.
  • Go to the lower-left edge of your screen and hit on the “Share” symbol. By doing this action, a pop-out window will appear.
  • Now hit the “Print” button located at the lowermost row of menu options.
  • Pinch your two fingers far from each other to zoom in the image after opening the printer page. This action will expand your picked image into the PDF preview.
  • In case your iPhone has a 3D touching function, you may launch your PDF preview by holding down the preview image for a while. Then it will expand your image in a fresh window and show you the PDF preview.
  • Now touch the “Share” symbol present at the upper-right edge of your window. It will launch the menu options at the lowermost portion of the screen.
  • Hit the folder styled icon named as “Save to Files.” It is located in the lowermost panel of the menu option. It will show you the locations of the file applications list.
  • Now touch on your desired location to save the converted file.
  • In case you have selected “On My iPhone” as your preferred location, then you can choose a folder to save your file on your device.
  • Hit the “Add” button situated on the upper-right edge of your screen. Now you will see that your PDF file has been saved to the selected venue.


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