How to Send Group and Direct Messages on GroupMe

In case you are using your default web browser, then to open a messaging application such as GroupMe, you need to create an account by visiting its online website.

You have to enter the email ID  or Facebook or Microsoft account details. You need to verify the number you have entered with the code which you will receive on the registered phone number. Here’s how to send messages on GroupMe.

Steps for creating a group on GroupMe

  • Log in to the account registered with the GroupMe.
  • Press on an azure message symbol with the plus icon.
  • It is given at the upper side of the display.
  • Select the Start Group option.
  • Type the group name.
  • Click on the Create Group option.
  • Now you will get the context menu for adding group members.
  • Type the name of the account by going to the box.
  • Type the email ID.
  • Otherwise, type the phone number.
  • Start adding many people together.
  • Press on the Add “x” members.
  • It is given at the end of the display.
  • After selecting the group members, begin to send the messages.
  • Click on the Send Message column.
  • Enter the message.
  • Press on the plus icon. It is located at the end of the display.
  • This procedure helps you make a new group.
  • Now, you can start contacting the other group members.


Source:- How to Send Group and Direct Messages on GroupMe

Steps for Sending Group Messages  through GroupMe

  1. Using Global SMS Commands
    • #help- This command will help you receive the messages with the menu list of each command
    • #new- This command lets you create a new group registered with a particular phone number.
  2. Group Commands
    • #topic- It will help you to change the group name.
    • #add- This command is for adding a new group member.
    • #mute or #unmute- It will help you block and unblock the notifications from the group.
    • #remove- It will help you to delete a member from the group.
    • #name- You can use this command for changing the nickname
    • #list- It will let you receive a menu list of each group member.
    • #exit- If you want to exit from this command, then use this command.

Steps  for Sending a Direct Message on GroupMe

  • Go to the GroupMe on the default browser.
  • Select the avatar of the preferred group.
  • Press on the Members option.
  • Select the person you wish to text.
  • Press on the Direct message.
  • It will launch a particular message.
  • Now, try to send a Direct Message on GroupMe

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