Objective- You want to find Santa multiple objects around his workshop

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Objective- You want to find Santa multiple objects around his workshop to change the cannon to take gifts to OSRS gold all of the fantastic RuneScape citizens. Present Chute- To load of the presents. Treadmill- So Santa's reindeer can give additional power the Cannon so it could shoot around RuneScape. Four of Santa's Reindeer- Power for the Cannon. There'll be a enjoyable mini-game to play to find each object.

Mini Games - Naughty Detector/ Nice and Naughty List: You have to go through a listing of present-making machinery ot find the product, and also fix faulty machines while going through or you will be discounted to the beginning. To fix the machinery you will need to solva a simple puzzle. Present Chute: You must clean outs Santa's workplace OR bedroom, and after you completeley clean the room you'll find the chute. There'll be things like putting the socks in the drawers, glasses on the nightstand, ect.

Seat: Help out Mrs.Clause from the kitchen! Find some distinctive ingredients, find a bowl and spoon, combine the ingredients together, then cook them! Dialouge- Y= You M= Mrs.Clause. Hello, Mrs.Clause. Can you perhaps know where I can aquire a seat that's connectable to some Dwarven-Multi-Cannon. Well, that's an unusual request, but I do. Can I have it? Yes, but first, can you assist me baking these cookies? Choice 1- Mmmm... cookies! Sure I'll help! Option 2- No, I believe I will pass.

Treadmill- Speak to a elve who's attempting to buff up to impress an elve girl. He'll ask you to get him a weight-lifting bench in return. He'll tell you just how you can make it. Here is the litems to get. They will be relativley easy to RS07 Gold get, as they'll be close by with different products. They will be5 candy cane sticks, two large ornaments, and a candy cane sheet. After collecting those, he'll put them together into a weight lifting bench and provide you the treadmill.


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