How to Plan For a Budget Trip to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is one of the foremost beautiful and naturally diverse countries in Central America. Unfortunately, it is also the most expensive.

Costa Rica is one of the foremost beautiful and naturally diverse countries in Central America. Unfortunately, it is also the most expensive.

Costa Rica is about wildlife, natural landscapes, and "Pura Vida". It is a place to come to experience the cloud forest or sea turtles. It is a place where you can see active participation with conservation groups in the tourism industry to protect the environment.

Due to its natural beauty, amazing outdoor activities, security, friendly locals, and a well-established ex-pat community, prices in Costa Rica are increasing year after year.

Tips for Traveling Costa Rica on a Budget

Flexibility while traveling is important to save money. There are many ways to save lots of money in Costa Rica. And if you do not try to do at least some cheap things while living here, your budget will go through the roof.

Use Public Transportation: Costa Rica has an excellent public transport system. Buses are the easiest way to travel and they reach most destinations. It is also cheaper than rent a car. It is an ideal choice for both experienced and first-time travelers.

Eat at Sodas: Soda is known as a local taco restaurant and a great bargain. Rice and beans are usually served at every meal.

Don't Drink Alcohol: Alcohol is quite expensive in Costa Rica. If you plan to drink something, it may be best to bring your own. Did you know that you can bring 5 liters of wine per person to Costa Rica? Yes! This is true.

Stay in Dormitory: Accommodation in Costa Rica is not cheap. Staying at a budget hotel also costs a lot. Dorm rooms provide the best value as if you plan to stay in one place too much, just want a dorm bed every night.

Do not buy bottled water: Tap water in Costa Rica is safe to drink. We always bring reusable water bottles during the trip, just refill from the tap, and avoid spending money on water.

Stick to Cheap Activities: A lot of adventure activities in Costa Rica are expensive, but if you want a more local and cheap experience, just make real choices about those things you want to spend money on. One good thing about Costa Rica is that all beaches require public use by law. This means that every beach is free !!!!! Lots for beach days.

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Top Tourist Costa Rica Attractions

Get ideas for places to visit with your list of top tourist attractions in Costa Rica.

  • Manuel Antonio National Park: Manuel Antonio Park is known for its beautiful beaches, lush green forests, and diverse wildlife living in the area. It is ideal for viewing and photography.
  • Arenal Volcano: Aranya volcano, a cone-shaped mountain with giant cones columns, often coming out of the crater. The park is also known for its wide range of biodiversity, with almost all Costa Rican birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals.
  • Tortuguero National Park: The park is an important breeding ground for turtle green sea and, consequently, the main activity of turtle see here.

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