10 Ways to Give Your Home A Magic Makeover

The home is also known as a house, or a dwelling place, or a domicile. It is a space used for the permanent or temporary residence where an individual or family stays and spends their entire time after daily activities with their family members. It can be an altogether or semi-sheltered sp

Introduction to home 

The home is also known as a house, or a dwelling place, or a domicile. It is a space used for the permanent or temporary residence where an individual or family stays and spends their entire time after daily activities with their family members. It can be an altogether or semi-sheltered space and can have many interior and exterior aspects and Home Makeover Ideas associated with it.

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It provides some sheltered spaces for constructing rooms where various domestic activities can be performed, including cooking, sleeping, eating, performing hygiene activities, and providing space for carrying out some activities like walking, studying, and playing.

Various forms of Makeover My House ideas can be seen where the physical form of the home includes static apartments or houses. Whereas mobile form of the home includes trailer, yurt, houseboats or a virtual space, etc.., 

What does history say about makeover house?

History reveals earlier cave use to our ancestors' home where primitive's people used to have shelter. With time, evolution has occurred, and people started to built houses made up of brick, stone, sand, pebbles, and cement. With the advance of time, people are more prone to Makeover Ideas for having a glorious home of their choice.

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People started renovating their old ancestor homes with the modern trending shelters, and for that, they have switched towards a program named Makeover My House launched by Ogling inches designs and Architects. 

Ogling inches designs and architects were well experts in interior designing and makeover of houses. With expert teams and an adequate amount of experience, they have achieved their ambition of making people happy with their artworks. For this reason, only they were considered as the best Interior Designers.

Home Makeover Ideas

Some of the Home Makeover Ideas to have a beautiful home are:

  1. If any nonworking fireplace is present, you can have a plant over there. You can brighten up the black hole in the nonworking fireplace by having indoor or outdoor plants. This plant is to be placed inside the house, then better to choose such plants that don't require a lot of sunlight, like a fern India dracaena.
  2. Better to repurpose the bracelets as napkin rings- You can use the colourful bracelets as napkin rings. This is one of the simplest Makeover My House You can also place pin brooches along the table runner's length and have a place card in front of each one.
  3. Use of ribbon to dress the dresser: Scraps from birthday parties and holidays can be used for this purpose. This ribbon can be used to makeover any small kid room by having colourful ribbon around the knob on the drawer's chest, or you can tie the ribbon on the stem of a lamp or the legs of the table.
  4. Cover the boxes with wrapping paper- You can use the shoeboxes or chequebook boxes for creating gift boxes. First of all, you need to wrap up the entire shoe or chequebook boxes with attractive gift papers. You can later use it as a gift box that you can place on your cupboard or any table.
  5. Hang all the artworks and photo frames on the living room wall- you can have your family members' photos on the wall. This will create a good impact when your family has grouped. But before hanging these family photos and artworks on the wall, check them aligning on the floor to guess the pattern formed and reshuffle it if required, and after getting the sense of the pictures, hang it on the living room wall.
  6. Florist's vest should be placed with some herbs planted on them- It could be the best Home Makeover Ideas. Step up this Florist's vest under the sink for better utilization. You can plant certain herbs on the flowering pot of various heights, and it is possible to add some layer of pebbles to it at the base for drainage purposes. Then wrap the buckets in heavy stock paper and secure these flowering pots with some twins and labels.
  7. Turn the salt and pepper shakers into a Bud vase- remove the opening of the salt and paper shakers or perfume bottles and use the receptacles for displaying the flowers on a bedroom night table or on above the guest bathroom sink. If possible, you can make potpourri inside.
  8. Try having a new style of the light bulb – It's better to experiment with a different type of light bulb on your scones and chandelier. Use clear Edison bulbs rather than traditional flame tip and try to ditch the shades to profound the modern look.
  9. Try to create dramatic light- want to have any drama in your boring life, then colour the lampshades with black. It seems to be more dramatic, but it creates a lovely pool of light with some sort of punctuation in the room in which this lampshade is placed. If you want to add more sparkle, then line the shades with golden coloured paper, which is one of the best Makeover My House
  10. Add some seasonality to your home- in winter, have some cashmere blankets, quilted bedspread, and fur throws, and in summers, have some monogrammed seersucker and hand towels.

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Here are Few More Ideas

Turn off the switches- Have your chandelier in the dining room above the dining table and have candles at the sideboard and in the sconces and also on the chandelier. These give a romantic essence to the couple in the Dining Hall.

Use of Naturals in the home: Have a tree in the house's loneliest corner on a basket or planter. Have a fiddle leaf fig for the platypus bill-like leaves.

Prop up various arts on the wall to conceal the cords- Have frames in the wall to hide all the outlets and wires popping out. These would be the best simple Home Makeover Ideas for having a glorious house.

Add some light to your room- Better to place a larger mirror in front of the window so that the incident light can be reflected into the entire room and as a result, the natural light can be doubled.


Makeover any house is a hectic task which requires tips from an expert interior designer and ogling inches has done a fabulous work in helping and guiding many house owner regarding this. For that, they charge a minimal rate. So better to move the Best Interior Designers in Pune that is Ogling inches for the makeover of the house

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