iOS 14 is Out! – What’s New?

Hi everyone! today Apple released ios 14 to the public that means it’s available to all ios 13 supported devices so if you run any version of ios 13 you can install ios 14 that means iPhone 6s


Hi everyone! today Apple released ios 14 to the public that means it’s available to all ios 13 supported devices so if you run any version of ios 13 you can install ios 14 that means iPhone 6s all the way up to the 11 pro max and everything in between iPhone SE iPhone 7 you’ll be able to install this and this is a pretty large update so this came in at 4.79 gigabytes for me on my iPhone 11 pro max and so it will be around four gigabytes for you now it releases at the exact same time around the world so if you’re not seeing it just go to settings then go to general then go to software update and check for an update and if you’re not seeing it go into your automatic update settings and turn that off and then check again you’ll probably be able to see it.

Now you will need wi-fi to install it now other than ios 14 apple also released ipad os 14 watch os 7 and tv os 14 also so it’s available on a lot of different devices lots of new updates today so let’s go ahead and take a look at what’s new now if you’ve already installed ios 14 and you were coming from ios 13 and you’re not a developer or public beta tester you’re good to go however if you’re a developer or public beta tester and you want to get this same version well you already have it you just had it a day before so if you already have it and you just want to stay on the public releases from here on out just go to your settings go to general Scroll down to the bottom tap on profile tap on the ios 14 beta software profile remove the profile put in your passcode and reboot once it’s removed you’re on the same version as everyone else so you’ll be good to go and you’ll have all of these updates.

There are so many updates with ios 14 there’s hundreds i’m going to cover all the major updates but there’s also additional updates to ipad with ipad os 14 which i’ll cover in a separate video so this one is a fairly long video or will be and so let’s go over what’s new and the first thing is widgets this you might already see there’s a big weather widget there’s a music widget and there’s a battery widget and there’s more as apps get updated from developers you’ll see more and more of them but if we slide left to our widget panel and you can see there’s a few of them press and hold anywhere on the screen or scroll down and hit edit tap the plus and you’ll see a bunch of different widgets we have top stories there’s a smart stack that will rotate throughout the day based on what it thinks you want to see we have maps and fitness tv news

We also have some tips stocks we also have photos reminders o’clock screen time and more so files fitness and you’ve got a ton of others that you can add now there’s different sizes for each of these as well so for example if we go to the news widget and we scroll over we have a bunch of different sizes a full screen size a smaller size and a very small size each widget may have a slightly different size so whether for example there’s a small medium and large and if you want to add that maybe we want to add the small one hit add widget and now drag it off the widget page and you can drag it to maybe another page so it’s a little bit buggy sometimes as you can see there but we’ll scroll over here and you can just scroll with your finger like that if you want to so we’ll set it here swipe up and it locks it in so it will be buggy from time to time hopefully it’s not you can also drag them on top of one another so let’s drag this one off here and maybe we’ll drag it over the battery widget and now we can scroll through them so you can arrange these however you’d like and as apps get updated.

You’ll see more and more of these you can also press on a widget and then you can edit the widget or edit the stack we’ll edit this widget here and you’ll see you can update it with whatever you’d like so each widget is fully customizable but you cannot interact with it so that’s one of the limitations now apple has also updated this so you can have sort of a blank screen and there’s an all new what they call app library and this arranges your apps automatically into suggestions recently added and then different categories based on what type of app they are for example you have utilities social entertainment creativity productivity and finance other travel information and reading shopping and food education health and fitness and there may be more if i don’t have them and what you can do is have apps that are newly installed automatically go into that library or you can have them not have any pages so if you press and hold anywhere on the screen you can tap on the little dots on the bottom and now you can arrange your pages differently you can delete all these pages if you only want to see a few of them or you could delete them all if you only want to see one page and then we’ll lock it in one page and then the app library so it’s up to you you can fully customize it now and so you have that option so it’s really nice and then maybe you want to delete an app off your screen.

You don’t want it to show up anymore let’s take mail for example maybe we want to remove the app it will ask you do you want to move it to the app library so it doesn’t delete it unless you tell it to delete it so they’ve made these changes to help you customize how you want your home screens and your apps arranged now another new thing they’ve done is you can see i have google chrome here now you don’t have to use chrome but if you prefer to use a different browser you can now set it as default now it’s up to the app the app maker or developer to actually add the feature there but if we scroll down to our settings and then go to chrome settings you’ll see we can change the default browser app so we can change it from safari to chrome and back now this will also include email and hopefully in the future it will include maps as well so all of these things need to be updated and you’ll probably see those updates fairly soon but you can set default apps now so maybe you open an email and you want to open your browser it won’t default to safari if you don’t want it to so you have that option now there’s a new change to the phone app that i think a lot of people will appreciate.