6 Best Media Streaming Apps for Xbox in 2019

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The Netflix app syncs data with the other devices to let you ideally use this streaming app everywhere you want.

Xbox is not only a gaming console. It comes as a proper entertainment center and allows you to watch your favorite TV shows, movies, live programs, and more. There are plenty of apps available for Xbox that help have a good time. The list of best streaming apps for Xbox is given below for you. Choose the ones that fit you best and use them.

                 Media Streaming Apps for Xbox

These are the best Xbox streaming apps:

1. Netflix

Netflix is a renowned streaming service provider and already loved by millions all around the world. It offers a variety of great movies, TV shows, and even Netflix Original shows. You need to have this app in your Xbox to enjoy its extensive range of content. With the use of the controller, you can easily navigate around. Hit the Y button if you wish to stay updated with its evolving library. So, download the Netflix app for Xbox if you have a Netflix subscription or get one for watching excellent on all your devices. The Netflix app syncs data with the other devices to let you ideally use this streaming app everywhere you want.

2. Hulu

Hulu is another excellent Xbox app for streaming numerous shows and movies. You also need a Hulu subscription to watch everything that is inside this app. There are two subscription plans of Hulu – one is with commercials and other without ads. The price of No commercials plan is less than the one with commercials. Choose any of your favorite show and watch all the episodes with ease by using Hulu. Through a dedicated plan, you can even watch Hulu Live TV.

3. YouTube

If you wish to stream user-generated content through your content, YouTube app is an essential app for you. It is an ideal Xbox app for streaming all type of videos. So, watch YouTube videos on Xbox easily using the official YouTube Xbox app. You can easily install the app and make the most out of your Xbox.

4. HBO Go

HBO has aired numerous great shows including Game of Thrones, The Wire, and WestWorld, and is immensely popular everywhere now. HBO Go is the dedicated app for watching all of the content being offered by HBO. You can use this app on your Xbox console as well.

5. Sling TV

Stream a wide range of channels easily with the Sling TV Xbox app. It comes as a cord-cutter app for Xbox and asks you to have a monthly subscription for using it. From TV shows to cartoon channels, you get the option to watch all the channels in this app. 

6. BBC iPlayer

If you wish to see the exclusive BBC content, get the BBC iPlayer app for Xbox. It allows you to watch live BBC TV channels, shows, movies, news, and more. Installing the BBC iPlayer on Xbox One is very easy – firstly, switch on the console and log in to Xbox live, then find the BBC iPlayer from the Xbox Live Store and install it by choosing ‘Get it Free’ after you found it. You can easily control the app through specific buttons.

So, these are the best Xbox streaming apps for you!

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