How To Retrieve Old TurboTax Tax Returns

If you ever wish to see your old tax return, then you don’t need to think twice as this blog can come handy to you.

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If you ever wish to see your old tax return, then you don’t need to think twice as this blog can come handy to you. If you use TurboTax to file the tax return, then you can retrieve them without paying any charge. However, there are two ways to recover the return file: one is by using TurboTax Online, and the other is by the software downloaded from the website or the CD. If you do not want to execute the process on your own, then you are free to call turbotax helpline number that stays available at all hours to solve the help you.

Using TurboTax Online

If you wish to retrieve your TurboTax old tax return, which was prepared by you in the online version of TurboTax software, then you can follow the below-mentioned points:

  • Go to the official page of TurboTax and then log in to your account
  • Now you need to click on the tab of Taxes to see the screen of ‘My Tax Timeline.’ Here you can see all your previous year tax returns.
  • You can click on the tax return that you want to retrieve and then choose what you want to do with the return: whether you wish to amend it or want to download the tax return as the PDF file. You even have the option to print the return, or you can choose to download it in .tax format.
  • If you wish to print the old tax return, then you can click on the option of “Download and print PDF.”
  • Once the PDF is downloaded, you can open it and then can give the command of printing it to your printer.

Use CD’s And Website Downloads

If you have prepared your tax return by using the TurboTax, software that was downloaded from CD or the official website, then you need to understand that those returns are saved locally on your computer. You can retrieve the old tax return by following these points:

  • Open your computer and log in to Windows by using the same credentials, which you have used at the time of filing the tax return.
  • Launch the search window and then enter *.tax2016, here you can replace 2016 with the year for which you want to retrieve the tax return.
  • Once the search result appears, you can open the location of the file.
  • Now you have to start your TurboTax software; however, you need to make sure that the version of the TurboTax software and the tax return you are looking for should be the same.
  • Then you can go the File Menu open tax return and then you have to go to the location of the tax return that you earlier found.
  • You need to select the tax return file you wish to retrieve and then click on Open.
  • Once the file is opened, you can print the file by launching it into PDF file first.

Even after implanting the solution steps, if your problem persists, then you can call turbotax customer care to take the assistance of the experts. The customer care team is available at all 24 hours without any fail to guide the TurboTax users.

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