Female ejaculation, can all women do it?

What's the female ejaculation and is every woman capable of ejaculating?

Did you know that 75% of women ejaculate during orgasm, but that most of the time, the quantity is too small to be noticed? Spotlight on women fountains and female ejaculation! Bullet vibrators are a great ejaculation helpers.

What is female ejaculation and where does it come from?

Female ejaculation is made up of a liquid that is expelled from the urethra when a woman is about to have an orgasm or had one. Most women ejaculate without realizing it because the fluid output is very low. However, in others, the fluid is really abundant. They are called "fountain women". Women can ejaculate with vaginal stimulation, but also with clitoral stimulation alone.

Researchers disagree on the composition of the fluid released by women during ejaculation. Many believe it is mainly composed of very diluted urine and others think it is a mixture of diluted urine and secretions from the Skene's glands, also known as the "female prostate". This fluid is similar to pre-ejaculatory fluid in men.

Can all women ejaculate? If not, why not?

It is said that all women can ejaculate, that the mind has a lot to do with it, but that the body also plays an important role. It is possible to achieve and control ejaculation with relaxation exercises because it requires a total physical and mental calmness. It is necessary to be attentive to your physical and erotic sensations and to know your own sexual stimulants well in order to achieve this. Vibrating panties can also help, and they are discrete. Of course, confidence in your partner is also essential to experience the phenomenon of women's fountain.

How do you ejaculate like the women fountains?

The best advice we can give to a woman who wants to try the experience is not to try to reach it! Female ejaculation occurs especially when we don't expect it and when we live fully in the present moment.

One trick to increase your ability to ejaculate harder is to strengthen your pelvic muscles with Kegel exercises. These exercises prevent urinary incontinence and also increase erotic sensations. That's what the famous kegel balls are for! you can also use vibrating eggs or G-spot vibrators for the same purpose,

Basically, it's all about locating your perineal muscle and doing exercises. To locate it, think about the muscle you use if you want to stop peeing and do these exercises anytime, even on the bus on your way to work.

Note that it is contraindicated to perform this exercise when you urinate, as you could develop a urinary tract infection.

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