How to Fix Outlook Not Receiving Email Issue?

Know about how to fix Outlook Not Receiving Email issue


Outlook is one of the foremost webmail featured by the Microsoft. It is used for the application of emails. It also consists of Calendars, Contacts, task manager and much more. Outlook made the email service very effective and hence allows the individuals to enjoy the mail function in an easy manner. In Outlook sometimes the issue of not receiving email in Outlook persists. Outlook undergoes for the downside and due to this, the users face an issue. Some of the issues are mentioned below with the resolution.

Fix Not Receiving Email in Outlook: Erase Junk mail Filter

When the level of filter is too high, then it blocks some of the Emails. Your Junk mail filter level is one of other factor to check for not receiving email in Outlook. To eliminate the situation, go through the steps given below:

  • Open the Home of the Outlook Screen
  • Hit on the option of Junk Email icon
  • From the drop-down menu, select the option of Junk Email options.
  • The new pop-up window shows the level of incoming message or filtering.
  • Select a level of filtering so that important messages do not Go to the Junk box.
  • Keep it to the low level for testing.
  • Hit on the option of Apply and then on the OK button.

Reach the Experts for Assistance

By following the above-given steps of Outlook not receiving Emails. If you are not satisfied, Get in touch with the experts for Assistance. The experts are available for the help of users. Moreover, opt the option of live chat for better assistance on the chat.