Best Movies on Amazon Prime You Must Watch

There are several things to adore about Amazon Prime, as it is difficult to keep everything on track. It has countless pros like 2 days free shipping on mostly every item in-store, free tales on Kindle, saving money at grocery stores, including Wholefoods and also the millions of free song

One of the extra added services is the Amazon Prime Video, Netflix-esque service that provides a large range of TV shows, films and originals. As Netflix is the vast and popular streaming service on the web, Prime provides a vast library of movies comprising some praised work that should be seen. A collection on Prime is diverse and more distinct than collection on Netflix even if it is smaller in the collection. If you are searching for the best movies to watch on Amazon Prime, then this post might be useful.

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Here is the list of best movies on Amazon Prime:

1. Up in the Air

Ryan Bingham works for the Human Resources enterprise that is experts in termination assistance that travels to the country to terminate companies directing employees as giving a motivating speech. He is satisfied with his job, and strings are not attached to the life that allows him to direct, however when Ryan returns to Nebraska to his office.

He discovers that Natalie Keener, a new employee of the company has presented a program that may reduce the company costs by pushing Ryan to use tools for video conferencing to lead the job. When he tells Natalie that she doesn’t know how important is the human touch for his job, then she gets ready to go on a tour around the country with him to see Ryan’s job.

2. Marvel’s The Avengers

It is hard to think about the risk that Disney took on The Avengers in 2012. The team of superhero movies that have never tried before and Marvel has hit the box office with his first attempt. Also, Marvel is the only studio that has been doing the shared universes properly, including DC, that is focusing on the loose universe together with Standalone movies such as Joker.

3. Midsommar

Ari Aster exploded on the big screen with Hereditary in 2018. Amazing movie that was praised by the Critics and the main success of A24, it seems like everyone is waiting for the next project. And soon, the next project was on box office that becomes fruitful. Midsommar was a drop in the summer of 2019, including the exact level of praise by critics for the movie that if we will be honest is the tough watch. The movie is based on the teen college student, Dani, who gets traumatized by the murder of her family that was performed by her mentally ill sister.

4. Zodiac

The fear started rolling around in the town of San Francisco in the late 1960s and 1970s, where serial killer who is called Zodiac Killer started following residents. Reporters and investigators who become obsessed with locating the killer’s identification to bring him to justice. At the same time, Zodiac killer targeting victims one after another and poke the authorities by sending mystified messages, cyphers and also with threatening calls.

5. The Silence of the Lambs

Jodie Foster, who plays the character of Clarice Startling, who is the top student of the FBI training school. Jack Crawford wanted Clarice to interrogate Dr Hannibal Lecter, who is an amazing psychiatrist and also the violent psychopath who is behind bars because of several murders and cannibalism. Crawford thought that Lecter might view inside the case, and Startling, who is the beautiful woman, is only the lure for drawing his attention. The movie in which Lecter appeared for the second time, previously 5 years Manhunter of Michael Mann as in the movie he was described as the Brian Cox.

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