The Outsider: Cast & Character Guide

The Outsider, a popular television series aired on HBO, is based on the novel written by Stephen King. The Outsider is a murder mystery that begins with the dead body of a boy who is eleven years older, and he is murdered after a sexual assault.

All the shreds of evidence are against only one person, but at the same time, the proofs have been presented that the accused is innocent. In short, the movie is full of surprises and excellent performances, and also it has featured the actor and actresses of famous movies and other series of HBO. The Outsider is packed with the big names of film and television series and so here is the list of its star cast:-

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Jason Bateman in the role of Terry Maitland

Jason Bateman is well known for his unforgettable performances in Ozark, Arrested Development, Juno, and Dodgeball. He is playing the role of Terry Maitland as a baseball coach who has trained a lot of boys for this game, and the son of detective Ralph Anderson was also one of them. Terry is the prime suspect of the murder of the eleven-year-old boy and has been arrested by Ralph in the middle of the baseball league match. All the pieces of evidence and the footage of CCTV cameras are pointing against Terry Maitland. Still, he is not ready to accept the accusation and later established that he was attending a literary ceremony in another city at the same time.

Julianne Nicholson in the role of Marcy Maitland

Julianne Nicholson has been starred in big movies and television series such as Law Order, Boardwalk Empire, and Ally McBeal. She is playing the role of Marcy Maitland, who is the wife of accused Terry Maitland. She found herself in a very difficult and confounded whether to help Ralph in solving the case or not. Marcy is perturbed over the arrest and harassment of his husband by the police.

Bill Camp in the role of Howie Gold

Bill Camp has earned the right name with his memorable appearances in Dark Water, Native Son, and Joker. He is playing the role of Howie in The Outsider, who is the lawyer of accused Terry and did everything to prove Terry innocent. He instructs Terry and his wife not to talk to anyone in his absence on this issue and take the help of a private investigator to get shreds of evidence so he could prove Terry innocent. The veteran actor has appeared in The Public enemies of Michael Mann and In Lincoln of Steven Spielberg. 

Yul Vazquez in the role of Yunis Sablo

The name of Yul Vazquez is well known for his appearances in I am, The Night, Bloodline, and Treme. He has appeared in the role of a GBI officer who is working with Ralph to solve the murder mystery of an eleven-year boy. He seemed quite sober in solving the case but soon found himself disturbed. The tragedies took place in the Peterson family after the death of Frankie, the eleven-year boy.

Ben Mendelssohn in the role of Ralph Anderson

Ben Mendelssohn is playing the role of Ralph Anderson, who is a detective in the flint city and has not to get himself over from the pain of the death of his son. He is investigating into the case of a brutal slaying of an eleven-year-old boy Frankie, who has been sexually assaulted too before his murder. Ralph found Terry accused in this murder as all the shreds of evidence are against him. Still, later eventually, he discovered that there is some supernatural creature behind this murder, and he is in search of his next victim.

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