Traveling Saleswoman Madam Nazar Location in Red Dead Online

If you are looking for the License of Collector and other trade collecting items, then you have to find her. By the following this guide you will be able to find her.

If you are looking for the License of Collector and other trade collecting items, then you have to find her.  By the following this guide you will be able to find her.

Rockstar’s new Game Red Dead Online is an action-adventure game mainly created to fulfill the purposes of multiplayer. Creators of this game release update to the game on a regular basis, so players keep attention to the game.

In an update, the game released an update where the player has a chance to choose to pursuit the Frontier from various career options. One of these options includes the career as a Collector. If you selected this path, then you have to find Madam Nazar, who will provide you the License of Collector and a bag to put all your collection. These items will cost you 15 Gold bar, but if you have collected all 54 GTA Online cards, then it will be free to you as you have proven yourself as a collector.

Finding this subtle saleswoman, who is constantly traveling in RDO, is tricky. She changes her position daily. Here is how you can find the current location of this saleswoman in RDO to pursuit the path of Collector.

Location of Madam Nazar

Madam Nazar is a marked character in the game RDO, which means her location will be displayed on the gaming map in the form of a circular icon having a thick X in it. If you selected the path of Collector form entry menu of RDO, to start as this role, you have to seed yourself in that area a little close by. This mark stays on the map till you meet this elusive woman, Madam Nazar, where you have to approach the caravan, which will trigger the cutscene, and you will know what collector’s job (task).

After the first meeting, find her in this world will become trickier, because of her constant moving habit, and the mark on the map will disappear till your next meeting with her. Thankfully, due to one glitch, players can list all the locations of Madam Nazar if they become Wanted, and there is a bounty on you. We will mention all the locations of her so that you don’t have to get the bounty on you to know the location. Although that does not make any surety, you will find her in your first location, so search all the 12 places to meet her.

If you wish to know the exact location of her, you have to buy the collector’s map from her in the first meeting. Then activate the map by following “Your Satchel Documents Collector’s Maps.” It is an essential notice, if you already have an active map, following the steps will deactivate the map, and the mentioned collectible will despair.

The 12 different locations of Madam Nazar are on the path heading towards North-West Forest of The Cumberland, which is located near Window Rock and on the other side of the river. The location changes randomly between the 12 locations. So if you wish to know the locations, then you have to check the outlaw section in the game, which is updated every day about the ware-bouts of Madam Nazar.

Finding the Hidden Items for Her

After acquiring the License of Collector and Bag from her and your job will start as the role of a collector. There are many options that will help you in searching the hidden items and sell those with profit with gaining the profit. You can find them when you roam around in the map while using the hunter vision, which is able to show a golden glow, and it will keep rising as you keep going near to the collectibles. You also have a Map of Collector given by Madam Nazar, which can be accessible from the satchel. This reveals the area and what are the rare items present in the vicinity. You can buy more maps by Madam Nazar because every item is not listed in the standard map given to you in the first meeting. You’ll have to invest your gaming money to buy Metal Detector and Field Shovel of Pennington before just head on to find these items. Activating the Collector’s Map has the ability to reveal the location of RDO’s Madam Nazar on the map. You think meeting her is essential at any stage of the game turn to finding some items, otherwise purchase supplies as per your requirements.

You can locate the position of Madam Nazar after you start searching and finding some of the hidden items. Then pay her a visit and to earn some profit by selling your findings. You can use this profit to collect more supplies for your adventure. Make sure of the items you want to sell her because when it comes to buying from her, the value is much higher than you got paid for that object. You have to keep yourself updated about the mails which can provide you information about the weekly collectibles, which can be sold to Madam Nazar for the significant amount of profit, make sure you do this in the deadline timing. The post office also gives you services, that allows you to sell a group of item from your finding to the Madam Nazar, which save you the time of reaching up to her every time you have to make any transaction with her.

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