Temtem Type Chart: Merits and Demerits

Temtem is full of adventures and interesting creatures that everyone wants to catch. Temtem differ from their unique appearances, weakness and conquering powers.

Temtem is full of adventures and interesting creatures that everyone wants to catch. Temtem differ from their unique appearances, weakness and conquering powers.  

Trainers must have to know the essential specifications and qualities of their respective Temtem to fight with their opponents. However, Temtem holds various techniques and features just like in the "Pokémon" franchise having various complexities and strengths.

Temtem Types

Every Temtem has its own specifications and strengths-based on its properties and battling techniques. Temtem might influence by various things, just like "Breeding." For example, in case the trainer catches a particular Temtem in the area of wild, then the creature might belong to a specific type having its own unique qualities. Every Temtem can hold up to two different types.

The creatures play an important role in representing themselves in the battle. In such a way, the type of technique decides the overall strengths and the effectiveness of your respective Temtem. It could be used against opponents or other types of creatures. The Design of Temtem also indicates the type of the particular creature, and it also determines how much destruction the particular Temtem can give and get from another type of creature.

There is a total of twelve different Temtem types in the new series of Temtem.

  • Nature
  • Electric
  • Crystal
  • Water
  • Neutral
  • Mental
  • Toxic
  • Electric
  • Melee
  • earth
  • Fire
  • Digital

Merits and Demerits of Temtem Types

There are various reasons on which the Temtem attacks with its opponents based on its battling conditions. Every Temtem has its weak and strong area of fighting its opponents that decides the victory and looseness of the particular Temtem. These circumstances are completely based on Temtem types.

The Temtem will give a strong fight to its battling opponent if the match-up is according to your Temtem. In this case, Temtem will perform very well and create more damage. Temtem will hit neutrally if the Temtem gets no advantage in the context of match up. The creature will perform the action that results in half damage in case the match-up seems unfavorable to your Temtem.

Temtem can perform with two various types. Its strength of the particular Temtem is calculated based on these two effective moves and types. For instance, the result will be more powerful and devastating if both the types of Temtem becomes weak against a stronger technique that could downgrade both strength types. In this case, the damage will be four times the technique's strength.

In case, a Temtem's technique becomes ineffective against both the types, then the possibility of damage will be 1/4 of the normal destruction.

In case, the Temtem attacks effectively with one type of its opponent creature and becomes loose for the other, in this case, the damage result will be normal instead of a neutral one.

Here, we are going to provide the chart specification and stats to understand various types and moves of the Temtem.

Understanding Temtem Types through Chart

The chart for understanding Temtem types seems very complex just like combating techniques of various games related to rock, scissor, paper, etc. The damage will be the multiplier of one if your Temtem seems weak for its opponent and this function works reversely in case of resistance type.

The "Fire" typed Temtem is generally weak against battling with water type. In this case, the damage will be the multiplier of two. On the other hand, if we view this data reversely, we find that the "Water" type Temtem will be more effective when it tackles and fights with fire type. In this case, the resulting damage multiplier will be more than the previous and shows a data of multiplier of five.

Trainers have to face more complexities if they are battling with two types of Temtem that are generally stronger than single type creatures.

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