How to beat Viper Tobi-Kadachi in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

As you enter into the Expedition, follow the Handler and Tracker as them make their way through area 5. The Tracker states she'll be working on her own investigation, leaving the Legiana to you before making her own way.

Monster Hunter World is an action-based role-playing video game, which is created by Capcom. The Iceborne is the next part of the Monster Hunter: World series. There are many monsters to hunt in the game, and your avatar in the game has to do it. Viper Tobi-Karachi is one of those monsters.

Viper Tibi-Karachi is a tough mutant monster to beat in the game Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. This monster can fly, it is vicious, fast and has a move where it flies in the air and uses the tail to attack you. This monster uses the combination of poisons, which will paralyze you and, at the same time, deplete your health. So you have to prepare yourself to survive the fight.

This variant is much more mobile as compared to other regular variants. Beating this monster can be challenging. This task becomes more difficult when you are trying to dodge the attacks in the form of poison and waiving tail and its bites. So if you wish to defeat this variant monster, this guide can help to do that precisely in an efficient manner.  

You have to know your opponent before facing them. So here are the introduction and powers of Viper Tobi-Karachi.


How to beat Viper Tobi-Kadachi in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne


Persona and Behavior of Viper Tobi-Karachi:

As per the name, this monster has a kinship towards the poison. This surreptitious monster prowl for the mindset to prey around Hoarfrost Reach. It uses the poisonous tail against the victim regularly. He loves to make the aerial attack from the forest end. This new subspecies can fly. When it is in the air, it launches the tail sweep. This time the membrane (it is present from ankle to the wrist and look likes a parachute) helps it to balance and target.


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Strategy and Attacking tips to use against the Viper Tobi-Karachi

Defeating this monster may seem intimidating to players. This feeling exponentially increases noxious Wyvern is attacking you constantly, with poisonous and fatal tail swing or the bite or the spite of poison. Here, players have a significant tendency to lose health and then the stage. If repetitively playing this stage makes you angry and obnoxious, then you can use the following tricks to beat this monster and clear the stage.

1.       Firstly, you have to prepare yourself before the fight to face this monster. So pack a stack of antidotes, which will help you to counterattack the effect of the monster's poison. This monster has a poison named "Noxus," which is much more powerful and deadly than others in the game. You have to make sure that you use the antidote as soon as possible if you got in contact with the poison. Otherwise, it can do some prominent damage, which will lead you to failure.

2.       Secondly, you have to make sure; you are far away from the tail of the beast but in range of your weapon and tricks. So you can do damage to its health when you get the chance. Such an opportunity can be available to you when Tobi-Kadachi has taken action to hurt you by sweeping his tail while flying. After this action, its land and roars. This time is the gap of a few seconds in which you have to make a trail of attacks that it can't face.

3.       Many of the moves of Tobi-Kodachi are exceedingly fast, and there is a minimal amount of time gap between the two attacks. Whenever you get the slight chances, you have to make sure that you attack him constantly in that gap and retrieve once it recovers from your attacks.

4.       When you are attacking it, make sure that you strike the region of his head. Attacks on his head will deplete his abilities faster. Two or three hard attacks on the head will reduce its mobility and speed of attacks drastically.

5.       The reduction in the mobility of the monster will give you a long time to dodge and extra time gap to attack it. So keep on targeting the head, but make sure it doesn't bite you.

6.       Now lay some traps so you can capture it when Tobi-Kadachi gets too exhausted.

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