Best guns in Resident Evil 2 For Leon

A great arsenal can make the player's journey in the game simple and easy. Here you can find how to find every weapon in Resident Evil 2 and update them.

A great arsenal can make the player's journey in the game simple and easy. Here you can find how to find every weapon in Resident Evil 2 and update them.


When you play a mission-based game, you should have a great collection of a weapon in your arsenal. Still, only having a vast collection is not enough. Players should know what is great for which condition. One way to do is by experience: play a game with different guns and judge them by your own experience. This will take a large amount of time and require a lot of patience. The other one to know this is by reading this article, find everyone one and use them accordingly and judge them yourself.



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This list is created on the basis that it will suit Leon. This is best for you to have many guns and upgrade them to the max level, so when you face boss or other enemies, you have the best gun, according to you.




It is the standard pistol for Leon. You will have this from the beginning of the game. This piece of weaponry is powerful and reliable. It weapon packs a great single burst stroke.




Gunstock: You can find a key in the box situated nearby Firing Range in the Parking Garage on B1 level. Go there and open the car boot. Here you will find the upgrade, after which you will be able to fire three shots at once.


Extended Magazine: In the west office on the first floor, you have to solve the combination locks. (Solution: N.E.D. for the left one, M.R.G. for the Right one).


Muzzle Break: In the Waiting Room on the second floor. You have to crack the safe, which is behind the desk (Solution 6 Left, 2 Right, 11Left.


W-870 Shotgun


This is the most needed weapon in the game without this game will going to be a long and hectic. If you are thinking of getting it, find a card called Weapon Locker, which will be found in the Art Room on the second floor of the police station. After finding it, go to the Room of Safety Deposits on the First Floor on the west side. Here you will find the W-870 at the backside of the room.




Stock: For this upgrade, reach out to the Upper side of sewer and head toward the Treatment pool. Here locate the safe and punch the combination 2 left, 12 right, 8 left.


Long Barrel: This upgrade can be seen in the weapon shop of Kendo. But for that, you have to leave the police precinct with Ada Wong. After that, travel to the sewer.


Lighting Hawk:


This is a powerful piece of weapon. For this, you had to a S.T.A.R.S. Badge. To find it, pick any book from the library, take that book to the east side of the second floor of the art room. Combine arm and the book and put it on the statue. This action will lower the statue, which will reveal the shining red jewel. Put this in the box from the interrogation room. When you get the badge, go back to the office, and all you have to do is take the lighting Hawk from the Armory.




Red Dot Sight: Search the film roll, which is the workroom, which is at the upper sewers. Here use the T-Bar to get in Darkroom. After that, head to the office's 2nd Floor and check the left draw.


Long Barrel: Go to the Underground facility's stairs. There you can locate the glass case. Convert the USB to a badge and slide it in to open the box


Chemical Thrower:


This is very helpful when you are facing the swamp beast, which is in the viscera under Raccoon City. Go to the lowest point of the sewer. This is in the supply storage room, and here you have to solve the puzzle.




Regular: In the Nap Room of the Laboratory. Here you have to use the modulator from depths to start the power of the room. Then the door will open, and the upgrade will be available.




This is the only option for Leon when it comes to the second scenario. This is provided at the starting of the game. You are going to find M19 in the near Guard Room. It is just a bit powerful than a standard starter.


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