How to Fix Canon Inkjet Printer Error Code 1401?

Generally, this canon inkjet printer error code 1401 occurs while the printer is having trouble in identifying one or all installed cartridges in the printer and shows an error message which says; "The FINE cartridge is not installed in it" for error code 1401. However, numerou

Nevertheless, to troubleshoot this error check that you have installed both black and colored ink in the printer, also, check the cartridges have the correct codes. These errors are common and encountered by many Canon printer users. Here are some troubleshooting steps which help you in resolving the error code 1401. But sometimes these steps are more difficult and more time-consuming. Other than that if you follow the steps in the given sequence as mentioned below will help you in saving lots of time and efforts. The steps are discussed below.

Solutions to Fix Canon Inkjet Printer Error Code 1401

Follow the steps in the correct series as mentioned below:

Solution-1: Properly Install Black and Color Cartridges

  1. Firstly, power on the printer by pressing the Power button in the printer.
  2. Then, remove both the cartridges from the printer just to ensure that one of both cartridges are correctly installed.
  3. After that, the printer will always need both black and colored ink cartridges to be appropriately installed and able to print all your documents and files.
  4. Lastly, try to print documents or files from your printer.

Check the printer prints properly or not, if not follow the next solution.

Solution-2: Verify a Right Printer Ink Cartridges Codes

We suggest you to perfectly install the ink cartridges but ensure that it is suitably carrying codes machine for the colored cartridges of the printer. However, the correct accuracy of codes completely depends on the model of the printers.

Solution-3: Change the Defective Ink Cartridges

After following the above methods, if your printer still not identify the ink cartridges, surely it is defective and needs to replace as soon as possible. Sometime, just replacing the ink cartridges will help you in fixing the error code 1401. Carefully replace the defective ink Cartridges.

Hopefully, the above discussed methods help you in fixing the error code. These methods are effective and best for troubleshooting the Canon inkjet printer error code 1401.

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