VPN, aka Virtual Private Network, is a service that protects your privacy and used to enhance internet protections as well as unblocks the location-based restricted content. VPN is a great way to hide your internet browsing activities and your IP address.

These days if you use Chrome to access the internet, then you don’t have to install a program or additional third-party application on your computer. The Chrome browser allows users to add their favorite extensions on their browsers to add new features and functionalities. If you want to access an encrypted and private network, then you can install a good VPN extension onto your Chrome. As there are millions of different extensions on Chrome, it can be hard to find out the best VPN extension that is truly reliable. We have created a list of top 5 best VPN extensions for Chrome of 2020. Let’s get started.

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Top 5 VPN Extensions for Chrome

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN services due to its no-log specialty, and the way is to handle its customers. They are known for trustworthiness and for providing truly private VPN encryption. The VPN is famous for not tracking and sharing its user’s activity and private information.

2. Tunnelbear

Tunnelbear is known for their top-notch quality and stable service. The service also available for free, but the free version has a limited bandwidth of 500mb. 500 MB is nothing when you browse the internet and play media-rich content online. So the free version is basically a trial version, and you have to purchase the premium VPN plan according to your requirement. It comes up with built-in 256-bit protection. If you are the user who is so much worried about security-related issues, then tunnel bear is the service you all need. Moreover, it is available as an extension for Chrome browsers.

3. Hotspot Shield

It is another option for the VPN seekers and for those looking for a quick and stable service whenever browsing the web using Chrome. However, the service is not that familiar or reputable as the above VPN services in this list. The service is surprisingly reliable and offers a great amount of speed, and their servers also look very much fluent. If you want to install their app, then it also provides Windows, Android-based apps for their users. The service is affordable, too, and can make your work done just like a reputed and popular VPN.

4. ZenMate VPN

As being a trusted VPN provider, ZenMate is not a newbie in the field of VPN services providers. It can be straightly installed to your browser and can offer an excellent amount of speed even from the servers that are far away from you. The corporation claims its service to be free from any logs and user personal information. If you are looking for a VPN service that is available on both app and extension, then Zenmate should be your choice. The service is purely premium and reliable, too, as well as surprisingly popular.

5. NordVPN

NordVpn is one of the best Chrome extensions for accessing encrypted and secured internet. It is best when you are trying to unlock some blocked sites in your country or have to enhance your connection speed for foreign sites and servers. The service is not that affordable for the normal users and when compared to the other Vpn services of the same tier. You may want to upgrade to NorVOn when you want a pure VPN free from any disturbance like software glitch and user logs. The service has been regarded as the best VPN extension for Chrome by many regular users.

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