5 Best Online Tools for Writers in 2020

Writing a top-notch quality content requires more than just a computer and your typing speed. You have to be dedicated to your work, and your concentration is a must if you want to be a good writer.

Writing is much easier than one can think in these days to upgraded technologies and innovation of modern online tools that help users to write content. The golden days of typewriters are gone, and it is now 2020. Innovations in the digital world are enhancing the writer’s efficiency, quality, and performance. Some people think that writing is easy to open a word processing application and then smash the crap out of the keyboard. But that is indeed false! Writing a top-notch quality content requires more than just a computer and your typing speed. You have to be dedicated to your work, and your concentration is a must if you want to be a good writer. Moreover, to work like a pro, you should be aware of online tools that can boost your content quality and uniqueness. If you are a writer and want to tune yourself up to the next level, then you must be skilled in using the content writing tools available online. 

Today, we are going to introduce the 5 best tools to assist you in writing in 2020. Let’s get started. 


  1. Grammarly- Best for Proofreading 

No one is perfect on this earth, and we always make mistakes in our work, even the experienced ones. That’s why content writers always require proofreaders, or they might do it on their own. Proofreading can be a time taking and a bit of lazy work for the person who also wrote the content. Now you don’t need to proofread your content that much thoroughly since Grammarly will do it for you. It can check all major and minor errors in your content, whether you write official letters or web content. Whether you make spelling mistakes, write passive voice, use incorrect grammar, or any other mistake, Grammarly is always there to correct you. Nobody is perfect in vocabulary, and you learn a new word each day. Grammarly can be used with a computer internet browser effortlessly. You can also opt for the Grammarly computer application, browser extension, and app for iOS and Android. Moreover, if you are an MS Word user, then you can also use the Grammarly add-on.   


  1. Scapple- Best for Brainstorming 

As we know, it is the hardest thing for writers to finding an excellent topic for your purpose. Scapple is a simple and straightforward tool that may help you in revealing the main themes for your content. You will get a blank canvas in which you can type something about a topic on which you want to write. Then it may show some similar suggestions, and then you can use that suggestion to search more topics and queries. In the end, you will get plenty of various ideas for your initial topic, and now you can pick some interesting and appealing ideas from the tool to start writing. Scapple is the best tool for the bloggers as they want to write on attractive niche and themes. Bloggers have to write multiple blogs using their own mind almost daily. That’s writing on unique and trending subjects is the biggest challenge for bloggers and writers. Scapple has got you back in these situations too. Just give it a try, and you will surely want to use it continuously for brainstorming. 


  1. Readable- Best for Knowing Audience Interest

You wrote a perfect content for your company business and forwarded it to your boss. He then throws the papers back to your face saying that it doesn’t popup the audience’s interest. It is sometimes the hardest thing to do when you are not aware of what your business audience wants in a piece of information. No worries, Readable has got your back! It is a simple tool that can help you to know what kind of audience may show interest in the content you just wrote. So before sending the final work, you can always check the interest of the audience in the information you wrote. If your target audience is different than your content, then it would be better to edit it or rewrite it from scratch. 


  1. Small SEO Tools- Audit SEO of Your Content

Small SEO Tools is the best tool one can use for optimizing the content for search engines. If your content is not SEO optimized, then nobody will going to find it, and if they can’t find it, then you are they going to read it. Small SEO Tools ensure that your content has targeted keywords at the right place and in the right quantity.  It also analyses and edits your content in a way to make it search engine friendly.


  1. Coschedule Headline Analyzer- Optimize Heading of Your Content

The heading is the most highlighted part of your content, and if your heading is not attractive and creative, then your entire content will be felt pale. Many people prefer to avoid information that does not have interesting headlines. This tool can help you use interest arousing and excellent headings based on your content and your efforts. Just you need to type a simple heading that is appropriate for the content into the box and his the Analyze Now icon. Leave the rest of the work on Coschedule. Once that done, it will show you the result of the quality of the headline. Then you will have to refine it using the suggestions provided by the tool, and then it will provide you the scores for your hard work. If your heading gets scores closer to 100, it means that your heading is engaging, arousing as well as top-notch in quality. 

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