Why SEO is Important For Your Online Success

So you are asking yourself, Why SEO is Important For My Web Online Success? Well, we have the answer for you in this article and video, so take a few notes, come back if you need to review this again and let’s get started. So let’s get into “What is SEO?”

So you are asking yourself, Why SEO is Important For My Web Online Success?  Well, we have the answer for you in this article and video, so take a few notes, come back if you need to review this again and let’s get started. So let’s get into “What is SEO?”

SEO or Search engine optimization is an online marketing system that focuses on growing the visibility of your site in the search engine results, and hopefully ranking it closer to the front of the index.  SEO involves two main aspects, technical elements, and creative elements. These both are required to improve your site’s Domain Authority and your Page Authority which will increase your search engine rankings and in turn drives more traffic to your site.

There are many aspects to modern-day SEO practices and using them to your advantage is a good idea, starting with your domain name, URL structure, how all of the words on the pages of your site help or hinder your rankings, to the way other sites hyperlink to your site through the web. So many things can help or hurt your site.  What is SEO? Well, it is all about a matter of making sure your site, is built and structured in a way that search engines understand, visitors understand and will use.

This is the preferred method by most for online marketing, as your results last longer and cost less compared to a pay per click campaign giving you a better ROI.


#1 – Site Structure – Search engine optimization starts on your site with the way you structure your URLs or pages on your site. You want them to be descriptive and easy to follow in for users and search engines, but not loaded with too much text. Find more information on the URL structure here. Be sure to watch all of the video tutorials on How to Make a Website SEO Friendly.  That way your site starts off on a positive note.

#2 – Valuable Content – You also want to make sure your content has a lot of good information and it is easy to read and understand. People have problems and need your help to solve them. So write about the latest problems in your niche, how you deal with them and watch the traffic come in. The search engines like lots of valuable text for your readers to use. So make sure your articles are in the 900 words or above category, the more the better. Be sure to include outbound links going to authoritative sites for references related to your page or article as well as at least two inbound site links to other pages of yours.  Make sure the usability of the site is good, as this is key for return users and the length of the visits to your site, both are factors in your rankings. Find out more about “optimized content generation” here.

#3 – Article Placement Outreach – The way to improve your rankings in the search engines is to show them your site is authoritative and is used for reference by other sites and blogs.  When someone uses a link that points to a page on your site, they are in essence showing the search engines that the page of yours has important information on that subject, for the reader to “reference” if they want, making your connected page more authoritative. So the more high ranking sites that point to yours for reference, the better for your rankings.  There are many ways to get your links onto other sites and blogs with outreach to the site owners and admins. You can find that information here on “How to get backlinks Guest Blogging” Doing some research on what topic they, (the blogs and websites you want a link on) may want or need and writing one for them with a link to your site and another link to an authoritative site like Wikipedia for a reference usually works great. You should use the “title” of the article or page you want to point to, as the keyword for most of the links you put in your articles to be placed out. Then sprinkle some branded links in other articles to other blogs and your off to a great start.

#4 – Keyword Specific Pages Articles – If you are not sure what to name your articles or pages on your site, you can find a tutorial on URLs here, and how to use them to your advantage. The good rule of thumb is to research out the keywords that match your product or service and that get a good amount of inquiries in the search engines. Google Adwords is a great tool. You can also use our site to help you with how to find keywords for your site. Once you find some good keywords that will have the potential to drive some traffic and rankings, start writing up some great articles.  You can also have them written by a content creation company with the keywords you have found out by your research and place them out on other sites.

This is a very short and abbreviated basic of SEO and what it is and can do for your site, we hope you stay and learn more. SEO works great when done the proper way and it is so much cheaper than pay per click campaigns.

Source: https://tutsfx.com/seo-important-online-success/


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