How to Download Lexmark Printer Installation Software

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Lexmark printer toll-free number comes from the factory with a software CD. That disk allows the printer to be installed on a computer. If the CD has been lost, or the printer was purchased used and didn't accompany one, it cannot be installed until a replica of the software has been obtained. The Lexmark website service free downloads of the software drivers for all of its printer models. Since these files are available a self-contained installer, no manual configuration is required, and setup only takes a couple of minutes once the file has finished downloading.


Step 1

Visit the Lexmark website (see Resources). Select "Drivers Downloads," then "Driver Finder." Enter your printer model within the search box and click on "Search." Find your printer on the list and click on "Download Driver." Choose your OS from the menu , therefore the browser will automatically redirect to the download page. Click "Download Now," and prefer to save the file. Await the download to finish before moving on.

Step 2

Open the file that was just downloaded. rehearse the steps within the installer, answering any questions you're prompted with. Setup will begin copying any needed files to the disk drive , which can likely take several minutes to finish . When it's finished, the installer will provide you with a warning that the method is complete.

Test the printer by clicking "File," then "Print" during a program like your browser or word processing system . Select the Lexmark printer from the drop-down list, and click on "OK" to print.



Most Lexmark driver packages are between 50 and 100 megabytes. The download process will likely take a short time counting on your connection speed.

Items you'll need:-

Internet connection

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