Guide to Counter Giovanni Lineup in January Update of Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is almost now four years old and still persists in continuing amazing gamers across the world.

Besides its unique and remarkable AR experience, the game’s developer, aka Niantic’s perseverance of including new events and updates in the game are what makes it stand out among the lineup of fresh games.

Recently, the game’s December holiday event ended, and yet Niantic just included a new update in the game, which comprises mainly to battle with the infamous Team Go Rocket Villains. The rule that grants players the access to battle Giovanni once in a month only if they accomplish the Special Research was applied in the mid of December 2019.

Source:- Guide to Counter Giovanni Lineup in January Update of Pokémon Go

However, this new update is to resolve that time conceiving issue of the gamers, and now they can begin battling with the lineup of Giovanni alongside his Shadow Legendary Pokémon. We have prepared this article just to brief you about the aspects of January update of Pokémon  GO alongside there is a guide that will favor you to counter Giovanni Lineup with ease.

Counter Giovanni Lineup

The January update of Pokémon Go includes pretty intricate matches, so it is highly recommended to add strong Pokémon in your lineup. Players must take the benefits of Stardust, some of the TMs, and Candy to strategize for a battle. Here is the chart of Giovanni’s lineup Pokémon’s, along with that there are also tips to facilitate you to counter them with ease.

The January update includes:

  • Persian
  • Garchomp
  • Moltres
  • KangasKhan
  • Cloyster

Best Pokémon to Beat Giovanni’s Pokémon:

  • The first one in the list will always be Dragonite because it is a Pokémon that possess some of the most powerful Poké moves in the entire Poké world. These attacks can inflict damage that will thrash out Giovanni’s Pokémon in a bit, and players can go with attacks such as Draco Meteor, Dragon Claw, and Dragon Breath, which will take down KangasKhan and Garchomp.
  • Players can go with the second option of Tyranitar because it is a Pokémon that can only handle the attacks of Moltres. We all know that Moltres is an ancient and powerful Pokémon, but with Tyranitar on your side, you can beat it easily. Players should use the Tyranitar attack of Stone EdgeCrunch, or SmackDown.
  • The third Pokémon that is on our list is Lucario, and it is quite possible that players will use it against Giovanni’s Lineup because this Pokémon is a devil for Cloyster and Persian. We all know that Persian and Cloyster is the most frequent option of Team Go Rocket, so players need to use Lucario against them with an attack of Shadowball and Power-up Punch.
  • The fourth and the last Pokémon that must be on the players’ list is Poliwrath because it is an alternative for Lucario. If players don’t have Lucario, then they can use Poliwrath in front of Cloyster and Persian as Poliwrath is also pretty powerful against them. The best attacks of Poliwrath are Power-Up Punch and Dynamic Punch.


The above-shared list for Pokémon’s to counter Giovanni’s Pokémon is not being included in any sort of Rank or Order. Players can use any of them in any order, but make sure that they use them against weak opponents. We hope that you will find this blog useful, and for those who want to add Pokémon  Go into their life, they can play it on any iOS or Android Devices.

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