How to resolve error while sending AOL mail

you should reach out to the experts at AOL email customer care number and talk to them regarding the matter.

If you are in search of the most prominent email service in the market, AOL mail would be the best option. The primary approach of this service is to satisfy its customers with its range of excellent features. It allows you to communicate with your friends, family, clients, and business associates in the most convenient ways. But, as you know that nothing comes with absolute perfection, and AOL mail is no exception. You might come across some problems while sending emails through the AOL mail service. Well, the issue is quite easy to rectify, and one can do it on their own. All you are expected to do is just go through this blog and understand all the troubleshooting steps that will help you come out of the problem. Another option you have is to contact aol email customer service number and get assisted by experts.

Steps to resolve error while sending AOL mail:

  • Restart the system: When you use your computer for a long time without shutting it down, this issue may come up to annoy you. To fix this, you will have to close all the running programs and restart your system. It will clear the RAM of the system and may help you get over this problem.
  • Use a different browser: One thing you can do is to use some other browser to get a clear picture of whether the issue is associated with the browser or not. If there is a browser-related problem, you must update it to the latest version because an outdated version can cause this error.
  • Remove browser’s caches: To fix the issue quickly, you should clean browser caches, cookies, and browsing history.
  • Disable pop-up blocker: It is also recommended to disable pop-ups for sometimes and to add AOL in your whitelist. This move can fix your problem.
  • Disable Firewall: Windows Firewall can also be a reason for such issues and may stop you from sending emails through AOL mail. It would be an excellent choice to disable the firewall for some time and then access your AOL email. One should also install antivirus software to detect if there are viruses and malware in the system.
  • Hacked email account: When you find some irrelevant emails in your sent folders that you did not send, then it might be a hacking issue. In such situations, you should change your password and do all possible things to avoid it.

Proper execution of these methods will take you out of the problem very soon. If they do not help, you should reach out to the experts at aol email technical support and talk to them regarding the matter.


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