How to Find All Science Weapons in The Outer Worlds?

Everybody is fond of The Outer World because of its incredible weapons along with gadgets, and gamers from all over the world are pretty keen to get their hands on them.

Apart from these numerous amounts of gears and guns in this game, there are several unique science weapons in this Halcyon System. These weapons are pretty powerful and prominent in the game and thus attaining the gaze from several players. If you are one of those players and would like to attain the information about these science weapons locations and ways to get them, then follow the below-written workaround.

Source:- How to Find All Science Weapons in The Outer Worlds?

Shrink Ray

It is one of the easiest attainable science weapons and is quite intriguing because of its looks along with fun facts. It is located in the Phineas Lab on the right side of the Speaker. This weapon contains the ability to transform the enemies into tiny size along with their weapon or armor size. It can acquire an attack of Plasma Damage and can do it any time the player order it to do.

  • Skill: Handguns
  • Damage: 18
  • Magazine Size: 100 (Energy)
  • DPS: 36 Plasma
  • Item Lvl: 9

Prismatic Hammer

The weapon is a legendary weapon and contains the ability to shoot a Shockwave of energy. It is located in the Ground Breaker inside the hidden room which is on the west side. Players need to tackle Gladys and then purchase the Battered Mardet Datapad. Once the purchase process completes, then Gladys will guide the way for the hidden room to the player.

  • Skill 2: Handed Melee.
  • Damage: 369.
  • Magazine Size: N/A.
  • DPS: 332 Corrosion.
  • Item Lvl: 30.

Mandibular Rearranger

After you have tackled Gladys in the Groundbreaker section, then players need to purchase the Hephaestus Mining Archive Cartridge too to run this process of locating Mandibular Rearranger. Once, players purchased it; then they need to go back to Scylla. Players can head to Scylla by locating it on the map. Simple locate Abandoned Mining Outpost‘s building in which baton is placed. This weapon has the ability to execute freezing attacks along with enormous physical damage.

  • Skill 1:Handed Melee.
  • Damage: 36.
  • Magazine Size: N/A.
  • DPS: 73.
  • Item Lvl: 12.

Mind Control Ray

The weapon has the ability to execute plasma damage and can deflect the attacks of your enemy. To attain this weapon, players need to have SubLight Datapad in Fallbrook Dry Goods, and after this process, it will guide to straight to the Cascadia. Now, players need to get inside the Space-Crime Continuum side mission. Once, they have entered inside it and then they need to take a left from the main platform and then jump to the right side where two ladders will be placed. Now, players need to climb these ladders and then they can attain the Mind Control Ray.

  • Skill: Long Guns.
  • Damage: 38 Plasma.
  • Magazine Size: 30 (Energy).
  • DPS: 76 Plasma.
  • Item Lvl: 19.

Gloop Gun

This is one of the most powerful weapons from the science weapon lineup, and it can execute an enormously powerful Splashing attack that can deflect various powerful attacks such as Plasma damage. The weapon also obtains the tendency to levitate the targets, and it is located in Errors Unseen side mission in the Monarch section. Players need to access the UDL Lab, then move to the Stellar Bay. In the Bay, players need to locate a terminal on the left side to unlock the gun. Once, players complete all these steps, and then they will successfully get their hands on this gun.

  • Skill: Heavy Weapons.
  • Damage: 75.
  • Magazine Size: 30 (Energy).
  • DPS: 62 Shock.
  • Item Lvl: 15.

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