How to fix Windows 10 Stuck on Start Screen?

Windows 10 is one of the most optimized OS available in the market, but it can incur several errors as well. One such issue is the Windows getting stuck at the start screen.

Windows 10 is one of the most optimized OS available in the market, but it can incur several errors as well. One such issue is the Windows getting stuck at the start screen. As the computer boots, it shows the welcome screen which looks like a blue display with the phrase Welcome flashing on it with the spinning circle of dots. Sometimes it remains likewise for longer or permanently, so you have to reboot the PC. If you are unable to go to sign in screen and it is stuck on that screen, then you have to troubleshoot by various methods to fix the issue. If you are facing the same trouble, then this blog might be helpful for you. Read the post and follow the instructions to fix the problem and start the PC.

Windows Stuck on Welcome Screen

If you want to fix the issue, then you can follow the provided steps:

  1. Create the account in Safe Mode
  2. Rearrange Windows 10.
  3. Restore the Windows 10
  4. Run the SFC or Chkdsk commands
  5. Force Automatic Repair or perform it manually
  6. Restore the Windows 10

As you cannot boot the Windows, users have into Advanced Recovery mode.

If you wish to boot the Windows into Advanced Recovery mode, then pursue the given instructions:

  1. Go to Troubleshoot.
  2. Select Advanced Options.
  3. Choose the System Restore option.
  4. Run the SFC and Chkdsk commands
  5. Launch Command prompt and then apply either one or both the options
  6. Chkdsk or Windows Disk Check Tool command: chkdsk /f /r
  7. SFC or System File Checker: sfc /scannow
  8. Let the execution of command complete, and then if there will be an issue that you can fix, it will appear as fixed. 

Make the Account in Safe Mode

If you want to make the account in Safe Mode, then abide by the given steps:

  1. Start and boot the Windows 10 in Safe Mode.
  2. Make another administrator account. Sign out and then sign in with the recent account.
  3. Remove the old account.
  4. Reboot usually and then check if the solution works.

Force the Automatic Repair or Execute It Manually

Follow the provided steps to Force the Automatic Repair or execute it manually:

Users can do it manually or automatic repair. If you want to do it manually, then you have to boot in the Advanced Startup option. Sometimes the system closes automatically. The system assumes that there must be anything wrong with system files then it starts to repair it. Switch on the PC and then switch off from the main switch linked to the computer. Repeat this same step three times then you will surely see that the Windows will force start the Automatic Repair screen. Then it will then boot in the Advanced Startup options.

  1. Click on the Troubleshoot.
  2. Select Advanced options.
  3. Choose the Startup or Automatic Repair.
  4. Users have to use the admin account and then insert the password.
  5. Tap on Continue.

Rearrange Windows 10

If none of the methods work, then all you can do is to use Windows. You can reset the Windows, and after the reset, users have to install all applications again. If users select to store the folders or files or the personal document will not be touched. Before you start to reset the Window, ensure to back up all the folders and data in the external drive. If the Reset gets interrupted, you will not be going to lose any document.

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