Tips to invite friends and relatives online for your wedding day

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No matter how well planned a wedding is, the charm is all lost if your cousins and friends aren't there with you. After all, they occupy greater space in your heart and shall make your wedding more special.

What's more? You dont have to send them invitation cards formally to invite them and with this virtue, you can go paperless with them. If you are not sure about the ways of inviting your friends or you want something creative this guide is surely going to help you. You can learn about various methods of sending invitations to your cousins and friends without making any common mistakes. Go through this guide and be inspired to create your story.

Make a collage

Your friends shall be delighted with this style of inviting them. Take some of your best couple pictures and make a collage. To it add an emotional message for your friends and tell them how important it is for you to see them at your wedding ceremony and also add the date and venue details to it. You can send the collage via email or other message options on your phone. Seeing the cute and emotional message they will call you and its a guarantee from your side. They shall also be present on the most important day of yours. You can also send the message to your cousins with whom you have grown up and your near and dear relatives.

Video invitation

Are you good at creating and editing videos? If yes then this option is good for you and if not, then ask your friend to do it for you. Use your video-creating skill to make an animated wedding creation. You can include your and your partner's engagement pictures that have rings made ofLab grown diamonds UK. Or you can just add a nice song to the video and send it through messaging apps or by email. This way of sending an invitation will make your friend see the video over and over again and will inspire them for sure.

Plain text invitation

Nothing can beat the simplicity of a simple text invitation. To begin with, you can write a love quote, and towards the end of the text invite your friends with the event details. Here you can display your creativity while writing the quote. Write something from your mind and heart and that will make your simple text invitation a perfect one. This option of plain text is much easier than other ways.

Wedding favors

This way of inviting your friend might seem common but it's perhaps the best thing you can do. Send out favor boxes to your friends filled with things they love to use or maybe chocolates they love to eat. Favor boxes can never go wrong when it comes to inviting your closed ones.

Create a wedding teaser

If you are a movie freak then the teaser concept shall attract you. Send a wedding teaser with your save-the-date invitation. In the teaser, you can include the theme you love the most or you can just add a few slides of both of your photos. To make it perfect you can ask a professional or if you are a pro in it then DIY.

Digital wedding invitation

You will find tons of sites that shall help you to make digital wedding invitations and send them easily on social media. Choose a few layouts and add your touch-up to them. Inviting friends becomes easy with this digital invite method as it gives you a plethora of options to choose from.
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