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Recently on the Yahoo Epson 4000/4800/4880 Support cluster forum a robust nozzle improvement mode was highlighted. This can be the SSCL mode –Epson Printer Technical Support decision this “Super robust Cleaning” et al decision it “Super Sonic Cleaning”. In any case, it’s a stimulating further improvement mode.

The SSCL is mentioned within the Maintenance section of the Epson 4800 user guide – I actually have created screenshots of the directions and amalgamated them into one image giving the directions of a way to run an SSCL cycle (they area unit an equivalent for the 4000):

This Maintenance Mode is additionally referred to as Maintenance Mode one within the field repair guides. Epson describes the SSCL cycle as “Ultrasonic” head improvement and is thus powerful that Epson Printer Technical Support limits its use to 251 times within the lifetime of the printer.

There appears to be some dialogue concerning what quantity ink this improvement cycle uses, with some voice communication they need to use it with success and used no ink to others WHO say it uses concerning 100ml on ink for an entire cycle.

Personally, despite my continuing issues with nozzle color loss (I not consider it as nozzle impeding because it isn’t sometimes a number of nozzles missing, however, the whole color – to American state all the a hundred and eighty nozzles per color channel going missing directly points to a special mechanism than nozzle impeding caused by ink deposits on the nozzle, drying out, etc., however that’s another story) I actually have ne’er used this improvement cycle, nor in truth the facility improvement cycle.

Epson Printer Technical Support contains a hierarchy of improvement cycles to supply more and {more} additional powerful improvement effects; all taking longer and victimization more ink. In Epson’s 4800 field repair guide they list the subsequent improvement cycles beneath Maintenance Mode three (the 4000 solely has 2 Maintenance Modes listed in its field repair guide):

Std. KK0 (Weakest improvement cycle (uses less ink))

Std. KK1 (Medium strength improvement cycle)

Std. KK2 (Stronger improvement cycle)

Std. KK3 (Strongest improvement cycle)

Init. Fill (Forces an initial fill (prime))

Maintenance Mode 3 will be activated by the subsequent routine:-

Turn the printer off

Press and hold the Pause, Down, and Right buttons and switch on the Printer

In Epson’s 4800 user guide they assert that to run an influence improvement cycle you’ve got to own a minimum of five hundredth full cartridges, implying it uses loads of ink. I actually have seen some Forum postings say that the SSCL cycle uses less ink than the facility Clean…

Now it’s my guess that the SSCL is either the KK3 cycle (in the 4000 field repair guide Epson solely go as way because the KK2 cycle) or a stronger one still; however in an exceedingly case I believe it’ll use loads of ink and is de facto solely to be used as actually a very really} pies alert before career in a technician if your print head has truly clogged nozzles – eg utterly dried out, clogged with chemical deposits, etc.

These improvement functions will be found beneath Maintenance Mode 2 on the 4000 (the same works for the 4800), which may be activated by the subsequent routine:

Turn printer off

Press and hold the left, down, and Up buttons and switch on the Printer


This routine additionally finds the 4800’s Maintenance Mode two, however, it’s a special set of parameters to the 4000. Curiously I note that it’s attainable to show off the upkeep Tank’s counter in Mode two on the 4000, however, I can’t realize it as Associate in Nursing possibility anyplace for the 4800.

All-in-all well price knowing concerning the SSCL, however, if anyone is aware of additional concerning it please let American state recognize by going away a discuss this posting.

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